RSA vs AUS ODI Series Australia vs South Africa, Women Results Score Feb 07, 2024

ODI Series Australia vs South Africa, Women

North Sydney Oval

South Africa






Best Players

battler R B 4s 6s SR

Garth Kim

all rounder
42 48 6 1 87.5

Gardner Ashleigh

all rounder
35 52 4 0 67.31
bowler O M R W ECO WD NB

Marx Eliz-Mari

all rounder
7 0 22 2 3.14 4 0

Hlubi Ayanda

6 0 41 2 6.83 0 2

Last Highlight

  • 29.3
    OUT! LBW. Tryon pitches one up, pitching on a good line. Schutt gets forward, and is hit on the pad while attempting to play a sweep. The umpire gives Schutt out LBW, but Schutt signals for a review. The decision is upheld, and Schutt must depart.
  • 29.2
    Good length, outside off stump again. Schutt gets forward and plays a defensive stroke
  • 29.1
    Good length, pitching outside off stump. Schutt rocks back and late cuts
  • 28.6
    Short of a length, outside off stump once more. Garth gets on the back foot and edges onto the pads while trying to play a pull
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