EMI vs DUBC International League T20 Results Score Feb 10, 2024

International League T20

Zayed Cricket Stadium

Mi Emirates



Dubai Capitals



Best Players

battler R B 4s 6s SR

Fletcher Andre

wicket keeper
45 38 4 0 118.42

Thompson Jordan

all rounder
17 20 0 0 85
bowler O M R W ECO WD NB

Raza Sikandar

all rounder
4 0 23 1 5.75 2 0

Stone Olly

4 0 36 1 9 6 0

Last Highlight

  • 19.5
    Good length, pitching outside off. Viyaskanth moves onto the front foot and plays a sloppy pull for a single run.
  • 19.4
    DROPPED! Pitched up, pitching outside off. Boult pushes forward and drives for 1 run. A chance for a catch, but it's dropped by Kuggeleijn. Not an easy chance for Kuggeleijn.
  • 19.3
    OUT! Stone breaks through! Stone pitches one up, pitching on a good line. Bravo moves onto the front foot but makes no contact while attempting a drive, the ball gets through, and Bravo is bowled
  • 19.2
    DROPPED! On a good length, pitching outside off once more. Bravo pushes forward and drives averagely down the ground for two runs. A chance for a catch, but it's dropped by Kuggeleijn. That was a difficult chance for Kuggeleijn.
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